How do I change or cancel a booking?

Once a booking is placed, changes can be made only by contacting us by phone, email or chat. One of our specialists will gladly assist in making the necessary adjustments. 

Change a booking 

When life happens, we are able to accommodate most changes. Below are examples of changes that can be made without a booking being canceled. 

Change  When New Tags?
Pickup Date Anytime (Even day of the pickup) No 
Number of Bags/Boxes Anytime  Yes
Pickup Address Noon (day of pickup) No
Delivery Address Anytime (additional time and fees may apply) Yes
Faster/Slower shipping  Anytime prior to pickup Yes 
Increase Value Protection  Up until midnight day of pickup Yes 

 Simply contact us and one of our specialists will gladly make all necessary adjustments.


The sooner we are advised of changes, the better. Most changes require luggage tags to be updated and new ones mailed out.

Cancel a booking  

We understand that life is full of surprises, that's why we go out of our way to make changing or canceling your booking easy.  Simply contact us by phone, email or chat and one of our forwarding specialists will be glad to make the necessary adjustments. 

Our cancellation policy offers a full refund on bookings cancelled prior to three days of your pickup. Cancellation within three days of the pick up will be subject to a minimum cancellation fee $25 USD or 10% of the booking total.  For more information see our Terms of Service.

Worry-Free Booking

Luggage Forward provides a full refund for any booking cancelled more than three business days from the first pickup date.

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