Where do you pick up luggage?

We provide a door-to-door luggage shipping service, so we can arrange a pickup from just about anywhere, such as your home, office, hotel, cruise ship or golf course.  If you live in a gated community, a dormitory, or large apartment building our partner may not be able to come to your front door. It is urged that you bring your baggage to a central pickup or shipping location.   


Our all-inclusive pricing includes a doorstep pickup.

Pickup from a single family residence  

The driver will collect from your front door. If you need to leave your residence, you may leave luggage out front or on the porch (with our Luggage Forward tags firmly attached) if you feel comfortable doing so. We send an email notification once our partnered shipper advises of a successful collection. 

Pickup from an apartment 

The driver will ring the bell or buzzer associated with your unit. If you have a doorman or concierge, luggage should be brought there for the driver to collect. If there is a shipping/receiving area in your building, this is where the diver will attempt collection. 

Pickup from a gated community 

The pickup driver may not be allowed access to your front door, in which case you may need to meet the driver or leave your luggage somewhere the driver can access. We are partnered with shippers like FedEx and DHL, 

Pickup from a hotel

Your hotel's pickup location will be listed on the itinerary we offer with your shipping labels.The driver will collect from the front desk staff or concierge at a hotel. If your hotel has a shipping/receiving area, the driver will attempt collection there. Luggage Forward specialists do contact the hotel prior to collection to ensure luggage is placed in the appropriate area for our partnered shipper to collect. However, it is always best to check with the hotel when bringing down luggage to make sure. 

Best Practice

It is best to check with hotels and/or resorts for holding or handling fees. Although our pricing is all inclusive, there may be fees due directly to the hotel for baggage to be held and handed over to our shipping partners.

Pickup from an office/business  

The driver will go to the shipping/receiving area of your office building. If this is not present, the driver will collect from the reception of your office suite. 

Pickup from a cruise 

We offer collections from cruise ships and port locations world-wide. Collection from a cruise is port to port specific. Please view our details on collecting from a cruise here: Common Cruise Questions.

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