What should I know about my luggage tags?

It's easy to attach your custom Luggage Forward luggage tag.  Learn what to expect after your booking and when to expect the luggage tags to arrive.

In this article you'll learn: 

  • What to expect after booking
  • When will my tags arrive
  • How to attach tags

What to expect after booking

After your booking is placed, Luggage Forward will usually mail you a forwarding packet.  The forwarding packet contains your itinerary, luggage tags, and relevant instructions for packing and preparing your luggage for shipment with Luggage Forward.  

When will my tags arrive

Your Forwarding Packet will arrive up to one week prior to your pickup.  If you placed a last minute booking then the forwarding packet can either be emailed to you or it can be printed at luggagefoward.com by logging into  your account.

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