What delivery date should I choose?

We recommend having your bags delivered the day before you plan to arrive at your destination.  This way, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your bags have been delivered, even before you board your flight.  Also, all deliveries are guaranteed by the end of day, so even if you plan to arrive in the morning, your bags will already be at your destination.  

Pro Tip

When traveling to areas commonly affected by winter weather such as ski destinations we recommend planning to have your luggage arrive at least two business days before it is needed.

Deliveries are guaranteed on or before the date selected. If you are renting an AirBnB or vacation home you will not have access to prior to your arrival, consider having these delivered to the AirBnB owner or leasing office. This will ensure safe and successful delivery in your absence. Alternatively, a neighbor or friend's residence is another option where available.  

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