Can I ship one way?

Yes you can! Clients have the option to book one way or round trip. 

Booking One Way 


Click "One Way" at the top right of the booking page. This should be highlighted in blue when selected. 


Ensure the origin and destination countries are properly entered. Fill in the number of bags, date, and requested pickup window in corresponding fields.                 

**Please note: If we are collecting from or delivering to Alaska or Hawaii, the state must be entered at this stage to ensure proper pricing and transit options. 

Once details are selected, hit "continue" in the yellow box on the bottom right corner of the booking page.

Proceed to the next page to provide contact information, origin/destination address, and bag details. Once you submit payment, you have booked a one way shipment! 

Want to Book Round Trip?

Simply select "Add another leg" rather than "Continue" to add your return trip. You are able to add as many legs onto your shipment as needed. Travels are not always conventional, and we have the service to accommodate most travel needs. 

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