What can I ship?

Luggage Forward specializes in shipping luggage, golf clubs, skis, snowboards, bikes, boxes, and trunks. However, we can ship almost anything you check when flying on a commercial airline.  

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Do you only ship luggage?

Luggage Forward can ship almost anything but we specialize in sending luggage, golf clubs, skis, and bikes. If your items are in a cardboard box, we can send that as well. If you're wondering how much it would cost to ship something not listed here you can always use our item size calculator or contact us for a custom quote.

What can I ship?


We specialize in shipping luggage of all types and sizes.  Pack as you normally would when checking luggage with the airlines, but be sure to pack carefully, especially for more fragile items. Our booking path allows you to point and click from standard luggage categories designed to simplify the process of shipping your luggage without the complicated weighing and measuring routine. As we offer 3 categories for luggage shipments, our bag size calculator may help you identify the most appropriate category. 


Should your bag(s) be grossly overweight or outside of category dimensions, Luggage Forward reserves the right to rebill. Shipping service will not be interrupted. We will simply contact you after delivery and advise of the difference owed. 

Golf Clubs

Golf clubs are required to be boxed or in a covered travel case for our partnered shipper to collect. We offer two categories for our specialized golf club shipments (Standard and Large). 

Small Golf Bag

Max Weight: 45 lbs / 18 kg

Max Dimensions: 50x12x10 in / 127x30x25 cm

Large Golf Bag

Max Weight: 55 lbs / 22 kg

Max Dimensions: 52x15x12 in / 132x38x30 cm

You may also use our bag size calculator to identify the appropriate golf club category. 

Still not sure? 

Book for the smaller of the 2 categories when uncertain. We can always re-bill in the future since weight overages do not interrupt shipping service. 


We offer specialized shipping services for skis and snowboards. Skis and snowboards are shipped in their travel case with no additional packing required. These shipments are placed into two categories:

Single Ski/Snowboard Bag: 

Max Weight: 25 lbs / 11 kg 

Max Dimensions: 72x8x8 in / 182x20x20 cm (Ski Bag)

62x14x6 in / 157x35x15 cm (Snowboard Bag)

Double Ski/ Snowboard Bag 

Max Weight: 40 lbs / 18 kg

Max Dimensions: 80x10x10 in / 203x25x25 cm(Ski Bag)

70x14x10 in / 177x35x25 cm (Snowboard Bag)

You may also use our bag size calculator to identify the appropriate ski or snowboard category. 


Boots are required to be packed separately in a small boot bag. The boot bag most often falls under our "small bag" category. This will need to be booked as an additional bag. 


Bikes are required to be dismantled and packaged in a corrugated box or a hard travel case. If you do not have either available, we recommend most clients visit a pro or bike shop to have the bicycle properly packaged. Luggage Forward clients can have their bikes collected from the bike shop to avoid unnecessary traveling. 

Max Weight: 65 lbs / 29 kg

Max Dimensions: 46x30x12 in / 116x76x31 cm


Although you may not see "boxes" or "trunks" listed as one of our categories, we can indeed send them. These most often fit into one of the luggage categories, standard being the most common. Our item calculator may help you identify the most appropriate category. You can also contact one of our forwarding specialists to get a price quote. 

Are there any items that I cannot send?

Yes, any hazardous or dangerous commodities are prohibited from all Luggage Forward shipments. For shipments traveling between two countries, there may be additional items that are restricted by customs on a country-specific basis. 

Here are some of the most common items that can not be shipped in your luggage:

  • Medication (to include OTC and vitamins)
  • Pressurized Containers (aerosol, CO2 cartridges, etc)
  • Perfume & Colognes (or anything with high alcohol content)
  • Food & Alcohol
  • Sanitizer
  • Valuables
  • Electronics
  • Lithium-based batteries

For additional items that cannot be shipped, please visit https://www.faa.gov/hazmat/packsafe/

Violators of the Federal Hazardous Materials Regulations (49 CFR parts 100—185) may be subject to civil penalties of up to $75,000 for each violation ($175,000 if the violation results in severe injury or substantial destruction to property). 

Upon booking, you will be provided with a list of common items that are disallowed. If you have specific questions, please contact one of our forwarding specialists or see our Terms of Service.

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