How do I upload my passport?

Passports are required for customs clearance and to reduce duties/taxes when shipping internationally. You may upload (on our website), email (to, or fax a copy of your passport (to +1 617 482 1194). 

Making a copy of your passport is quick and easy. All you need is a smartphone with a camera or a copy machine. You may utilize any of these three options:

  • Upload:  The preferred method is to upload an image of your passport via our website

Sign in > Trips > Passports

  • Email:  You can email a copy of the passport to
  • Fax:  You can fax a copy of the passport to +1 617 482 1194

Pro Tip

Most mobile phones have a digital camera which can be used to snap a picture of your passport! It is important that the passport is legible so that customs can see the picture, expiration date,  passport number and signature.

Passport photos should be submitted in this format:

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