What is Value Protection?

Our Value Protection coverage allows you to be reimbursed for up to the full replacement cost of lost or damaged items. Each piece we send receives complimentary value protection of $500 USD to start. This may be increased should that not be sufficient. 

Increasing value protection 

You can increase your Value Protection at any time before your luggage is collected by the driver.  Please call to speak with one of our forwarding specialists if you would like to increase your Value Protection.

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What does value protection cover?

Value Protection coverage will allow you to be reimbursed for up to the full replacement cost of lost or damaged items

The maximum reimbursement for the contents of luggage is limited only by the amount of coverage purchased.The maximum reimbursement for the exterior luggage, trunk or case is limited to $500 and excludes normal wear and tear. A comprehensive overview of the Value Protection can be found in our Terms of Service.

Packing Tip

To ensure the contents of your luggage arrive safely at their destination, you will want to be sure that everything is suitably packed. Our clients often wrap their ski bindings and golf clubs with bubble wrap or other supporting materials to help prevent damage.

When is value protection in effect?

Value Protection coverage protects the luggage the entire time it is in the possession of a Luggage Forward's logistics partner. We work with you to ensure that you take the correct precautionary measures when leaving your baggage unattended.

Please be aware that while we do not require a signature for most luggage, our logistics partner will appraise the requested delivery location and will not leave bags without a signature at locations deemed unsuitable for release. These areas may include, but are not limited to, apartment buildings without management/security staff, any place not protected from the elements, and/or closed businesses. Luggage Forward cannot be held responsible for delayed items due to a delivery location deemed unsafe or unsuitable.

How to start a value protection claim?

Our deepest apologies, we sincerely regret that your luggage shipping experience did not go smoothly. 

To start your claim please call us at 866-416-7447 or email us at claims@luggageforward.com and we'll guide you through the process. 

As you know, we guarantee that your belongings will arrive at their destination unharmed. Please know that a damage or delay is very rare and we will work with our logistics partner to investigate how, when and where this issue occurred.

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